in Paoli

Things to do 

  • Road Biker

    Bike Routes

    Dane County is full of well-maintained paths that make biking to Paoli fun!

  • Couple on a Walk

    State Trails

    Enjoy a scenic outing  on the nearby Badger, Military Ridge, and Sugar River State Trails.

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    Falk Wells

    Just a walk down the road Falk Wells Wildlife Area offers an abundance of outdoor activities.

  • Kids Kayaking

    Sugar River

    Kayak, fish or explore the river that runs straight through the heart of Paoli.

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    Public Land

    The Dane County Park System has 64 properties, 5 of which are within 10 minutes of Paoli.

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    Scheidegger Forest

    Scheidegger Forest is nearly 80 acres and offers a mile loop of hiking trails and a shelter.

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    School Forest

    The Madison School Forest encompasses 307 acres and is less than a 10 min drive.

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    Dog Parks

    Bring your fury friend with you too Paoli and stop at the dog park on the way for some fun.

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    Prairie Moraine

    This 160 acre park provides an excellent opportunity to experience Wis. glacial history.

  • Get in Position

    Winter Activities

    Paoli is in the center of all the action making winter one of the most exciting times of the year.